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  • Team | G-eSports Racing Team

    Pilots |G-And s ports Team Principal - Driver Samuel Spalletta CEO - Pilot GABRIEL MOROCUTTI Pilot cristian biasatti Pilot Lorenzo Nodari Pilot andrea ottomani Pilot david countryside Pilot David Righini Pilot David Righini Pilot Federico Fabbri Pilot Federico Fabbri Pilot Federico Fabbri Pilot Federico Fabbri join the team If you want to try to join the team, send your application to our email:

  • Davide Campagna | G-eSports Racing Team

    david countryside Pilot He began racing in karts at a very young age, with a boundless passion for four wheels, competing in the GSK European Endurance Series and MKC. In 2021 he entered the Motorsport Techical School, the most important motorsport school in Italy, studying and working in international GT and Formula teams. He starts on the simulators in 2020, immediately joining the team, which follows him from the very first laps on iRacing. After a year of growth he won the 12H of Sebring together with Andrea Giudice. Birthdate: 10/23/2002 Nickname: Dade Hometown: Monza Location: Italy

  • Lorenzo Nodari | G-eSports Racing Team

    lorenzo nodari Pilot Birth date: 07/12/2001 Nickname: Kyrie Hometown: Brescia Location: Italy

  • Cristian Biasatti | G-eSports Racing Team

    cristian biasatti Pilot Kart driver, competes in the Iame Series Italy Senior category. He started on the simulator in 2022 immediately showing great speed and potential. Birthdate: 06/18/07 Nickname: Bias Hometown: Varese Location: Italy

  • REALFEED MOTORSPORT | G-eSports Racing

    motorsport realfeed It was born from the desire to combine the real world with the virtual one of the simulators, being able to offer professionalism and a working method just like the EC Karting Data philosophy. Of course, there is no shortage of healthy entertainment and being able to share a common passion with friends, all taken to a higher level. Data analysis is just a single aspect of a track engineer's job and consists in analyzing all the data collected by an acquisition system, correctly installed on the car. In sim-racing this aspect is obviously facilitated as thanks to simple plugins or integrations already existing on the various game platforms, it is possible to save entire sessions (practices, tests, long runs, etc...) and draw conclusions with specific software. Giving meaning to data and transforming everything into performance is our target and the service offered is aimed at both individuals and teams.

  • Andrea Ottomani | G-eSports Racing Team

    andrea ottomani Pilot Born in the land of engines, he competed in enduro, motocross, kart and car, winning the 8th edition of the ACI Rally Italia Talent. Finalist in the Esports Carrera Cup Italia 2020 and in the Ferrari Esports 2021. Join the G-eSports Racing Team in 2021, in 2022 participate in the Italian ACI GT3 Championship finishing 19th Birth date: 05/31/1993 Nickname: Otto Hometown: Modena Location: Italy

  • Gabriele Morocutti | G-eSports Racing Team

    Gabriel Morocutti CEO - Pilot Kart Driver, Engineer, CEO of the G-Sport Karting Academy It boasts a Youtube channel with more than 14k subscribers. On Simulators since 2011, he founded the G-eSports Racing Team in 2020 Birthdate: 02/08/1989 Nickname: Gaba380 Hometown: Milan Location: Italy

  • Contatti | G-Sport Racing

    Contacts Fill out the following form if you want to receive further information about our services, or contact us directly at our telephone number or at our email address. Find out more about our Milan Kart School, through our Email and Telephone contacts. Phone: +39 351 508 9068 Email: First name E-mail Surname Mobile phone Request I agree to the Terms and Conditions Send Thanks for contacting us!

  • G-Sport Racing | Karting School - Kart Rental - Kart for Sale - Italian Kart Team

    ACI-GT-2022-R1-IMOLA-2 ACI-GT-2022-5-ROAD-ATLANTA-10 iRacing Motorsport Simulator Screenshot 2021.06.24 - ACI-GT-2022-R1-IMOLA-2 1/25 The G-Sport Karting Academy offers various services in the Karting world. Our Karting School aims to accompany children and teenagers in the world of Motorsport. It is aimed both at those who want to grow professionally in the world of competitive karting, and at amateurs who want to improve their driving techniques and to experience the adrenaline of a racing kart. ​ At the G-Sport Academy the driver will be followed with attention and passion throughout his career, nothing is left to chance. In addition to the latest technologies in chassis and engines available, G-Sport drivers are always supported by specialized mechanics, telemetrists and instructors. Our values : Although Karting, as well as all motorsport competitions, is often based exclusively on the result, at G-Sport we strongly care about rules and good conduct, both on the track and in life. This is why we strive to pass on values ​​such as respect for opponents, sportsmanship and loyalty to our kids and drivers.

  • Davide Righini | G-eSports Racing Team

    David Righini Pilot Kart driver, competes in the Iame Series Italy Senior category. He started on the simulator in 2022 immediately showing great speed and potential. Birthdate: Nickname: Hometown: Location: Italy

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